Endometriosis: Lorie Pester reveals having undergone a hysterectomy

Endometriosis Lorie Pester reveals having undergone a hysterectomy

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    Suffering from endometriosis, Lorie Pester recently revealed in an interview for Télé Loisirs to have resorted to a radical solution, a hysterectomy, to overcome unbearable pain.

    She is one of those stars who spoke about endometriosis to the general public. Lorie Pester, singer well known for these hits of the 2000s “I will be”Or “Positive attitude” and now actress, revealed in 2018 to be suffering from this gynecological disease which affects one in 10 women. After having gone through years of pain and doubt, without knowing the reason, the diagnosis fell after an ectopic pregnancy.

    A hysterectomy to forget the excessive pain

    Lorie Pester then multiplies the speeches to talk about the daily lives of women with the disease. Endometriosis is characterized by the presence of uterine tissue which develops outside the uterine cavity, causing in particular intense pain, especially at the time of menstruation.

    Unfortunately, the treatments available do not allow all women to treat this condition and especially to relieve the pain. Tired of fighting month after month, the singer announced in an interview Leisure TV, on April 27, having chosen a radical intervention:

    “They removed my uterus because I was in too much pain and it became unbearable”

    A test for the young woman, who says however that she does not regret her decision.

    A cross on other pregnancies, which she puts into perspective

    Three years after the birth of her daughter Nina, conceived thanks to IVF, Lorie Pester therefore frowns at a new pregnancy.

    “I can no longer have a second child because of endometriosis”, she confirmed.

    Despite this sad observation, Lorie Pester, tired by the protocol induced by in vitro fertilization, did not see herself going back to such a project.

    We had our daughter, it was my little miracle and it’s great” she acknowledges.

    By revealing this medical choice, Lorie Pester once again evokes a subject that affects many women: according to Ifem Endo, the Franco-European Multidisciplinary Institute for Endometriosis:

    Even if this procedure is not strictly speaking the treatment of endometriosis (which by definition is outside the uterus), hysterectomy is frequently associated with surgery for endometriosis in the case of women presenting adenomyosis (a uterine lining inside the muscle of the uterus) and not wanting more pregnancy. In this context, it increases the chances of disappearance of pain after surgery.

    To date, 16% of women operated on for pelvic endometriosis have a hysterectomy at the same time.

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