Emmanuel Macron responds to the unions but does not move

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After the strong mobilization of March 7 against the pension reform, the unions sent a letter to Emmanuel Macron asking him for a meeting. In the home stretch of the examination of the text in Parliament and before the next calls for strikes and demonstrations, on March 11 and 15, they want to put Emmanuel Macron under pressure.

Philippe Martinez of the CGT said it again this Friday morning, ” the ball is in the president’s court “… What the unions hope is that Emmanuel Macron will receive them and in the letter they sent to him, they are very clear: the silence of the executive in the face of social mobilization against the reform of the pensions poses a serious democratic problem “. The unions, who have deplored the lack of contact with the Elysée or Matignon for weeks, warn against the anger that this could generate in the population.

In the majority, we pretend not to see the problem around this presidential silence. A minister even sweeps aside the criticism by explaining that ” Macron is not the type to hide “. The argument put forward is that it is ” separate times ” and of “ respect » that of Parliament.

However, this Friday morning, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt drew the constitutional weapon of the blocked vote before the Senate, which will have to decide by a single vote on the entire bill. It is about countering methodical opposition “said the minister. Article 44.3 of the Constitution used will allow the Senate to decide by a single vote on the entire reform, retaining only the amendments proposed or accepted by the government. Each of the approximately 1,000 remaining amendments can however be defended, specified the chair of the session, Nathalie Delattre. The exchanges will therefore continue.

Emmanuel Macron could not, however, do without a response to the unions. He therefore sent them this Friday morning a letter in which he affirms that he does not ” underestimate ” THE ” dissatisfaction ” and the ” anxieties “, while reaffirming that” reform is needed » and that the government is « listening “trade unions” to move forward through dialogue “.

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But no question of a meeting: Emmanuel Macron responds, but does not give in.

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