Emmanuel Macron positions himself against the far right

Emmanuel Macron positions himself against the far right

Emmanuel Macron gave a long interview Monday February 19 to the communist daily Humanity, a first for a president in office under the Fifth Republic. The primary subject of the interview is the pantheonization of the anti-fascist communist resistance fighter, Missak Manouchian, this Wednesday.

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Emmanuel Macron gave an interview on a daily basis Humanity. The head of state was notably questioned about his report to the National Rally while last week, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal affirmed that “ the republican arc is the hemicycle “. The opportunity for the president to contradict the head of government. “ I never considered that Marine Le Pen’s party was part of the republican arc “, slice Emmanuel Macron.

For President Macron, however, it remains difficult to ignore the 88 National Rally (RN) deputies. Furthermore, and still according to him, the National Rally is “ still far-right, but no longer an openly anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying party “. The Head of State tackles certain elected representatives of rebellious France who have in common “ to fight for the values ​​of the Republic. »

Pantheonization of Manouchian

The president also reaffirms the doctrine which prevailed before the arrival of Gabriel Attal at Matignon. Important texts must not pass thanks to far-right voices, such as the recent immigration law. This principle will be put to the test during the probable constitutional revision, to remove land rights in Mayotte. And this will require a very large majority.

Also, in accordance with protocol, several elected officials from the National Rally are invited to the pantheonization ceremony of Missak Manouchian. For Emmanuel Macron however, “ the far-right forces would be wise not to be present on Wednesday, given the nature of the communist activist’s fight. »

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