Emmanuel Macron calls for “unity” and confirms the pension reform in 2023

Emmanuel Macron calls for unity and confirms the pension reform

Emmanuel Macron presented his wishes to the French for the year 2023. The first of his new mandate, the sixth since his first election. In his speech, the president confirmed that 2023 would be the year of pension reform

The pension reform will be applied from the summer of 2023. In his speech of wishes, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed its desire to maintain this schedule. The President of the Republic did not give the details of the arbitrations carried out, it is Elisabeth Borne who must take care of it on January 10th.

But he explained that there was a need: “ work longer », thus ratifying the postponement of the legal retirement age which represents the basis of this revisited reform which should make it possible to ensure the distribution system.

A reform ” just to hear the Head of State: To do this, the lengthening of our working careers will be gradual. It will be done in stages over nearly 10 years. It will also be fair taking into account long careers, choppy careers, the difficulty of certain tasks, certain trades “.

A consideration therefore of the arduousness which aims to try to attenuate the fierce opposition of the unions to this reform that Emmanuel Macron also tried to include in a more global aspiration for France: “ rebuild the pillars of the country “.

A company in which the Head of State hopes to obtain the support of the French to whom he wanted to send a message ” of unity and collective ambition with one goal: to make a Nation.

“The Politics of Defiance »

The speech of the President of the Republic was, in any case, not to everyone’s taste. For the rebellious deputy Alexis Corbière, Emmanuel Macron wants ” brutalize the French people in 2023 “.

Our pension system is not in danger.

Alexis Corbières, deputy LFI/Nupes

For Arthur Delaporte, PS/Nupes MP, “ there was no ambition, no breath, no solution, except what he had already announced, that is to say the old recipes of the liberal right. We have, at the same time, a president who says he wants to recreate a nation of confidence, but ultimately, who only promises us the policy of distrust “.

For his part, the deputy RN Laurent Jacobelli reprimands a president “ schizophrenic ” and ” paradoxical “. “ He explains to us that he wants to be a builder, that he wants to build the future of our children, then announces to us in the same sentence that there will be a reform of unemployment benefits and pension reform. : hardening. Rather, he will be a president who destroys our social model, destroys solidarity and fraternity and who builds a very bleak future for our children. “, he adds.

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