Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden united to celebrate the Franco-American relationship

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden united to celebrate the Franco American

The Arc-de-Triomphe and a descent of the Champs Élysées with the Republican Guard: Emmanuel Macron displayed all the splendor of the Republic this Saturday, June 8 for American President Joe Biden. During their joint intervention, the two presidents did not have words strong enough to celebrate the solidity of the Franco-American relationship.

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France was our first friend, and you remain one of our best friends “, declared the American president Joe Biden this June 8, 2024 at the Élysée. During their speeches, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden insisted on the solidity of the Franco-American relationship, Joe Biden referring, twice, to the role played by the France in the birth of his country.

In a few weeks, the UNITED STATES will commemorate July 4, our Independence Day. This feat would not have been possible, I am not exaggerating, without the help of France “, insists the American president.

On the French side, forgotten the discontent of Paris, when Washington took away a major submarine contract with Australia: the two countries are working together and in the same direction.

On major international issues as well as the bilateral relationship, we are committed with President Biden to moving forward on a common roadmap which is confidence in progress, in investment, recovery, innovation… A desire to create jobs in the United States and in Europe, to be there for the decarbonization of our economies and to build peace “, declared French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Finally, Joe Biden returned to the commemorations of the Normandy landings, which again celebrated the common history of France and the United States.

I want to thank President Macron and Madame Macron and all the people of France for giving this warm welcome to our heroes. Because indeed, they felt very welcome. »

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The two presidents will meet again in a few days in Italy for the G7.