Emma Körkkö, who ended her career with a gold medal at the WC, cried more than ever before: “It feels very special”

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According to Emma Körkö, the Finnish championship was an incredibly great end to a difficult season. According to Susanne Ojaniemi, Kirittäret has spoken openly about her difficulties.

On Sunday, two significant baseball careers ended at Hippos in Jyväskylä, when Emma Körkkö and Susanne Ojaniemi finished in the Finnish championship.

The duo celebrated the sixteenth championship in Jyväskylä Kirittärie’s club history. It was the fifth career for Körkö, the first for Ojaniemi.

Three-time baseball player of the year Körkkö stated in Ruuttu’s television interview that he has never cried so much after the championship. He admitted that the season has not been terribly easy for anyone.

– We have felt that an awful lot of people have not believed in us after everything we have experienced. We’ve always believed in ourselves and now we got to show everyone what we’re made of. All the difficulties have brought us together and this is the final result, Körkkö stated in an interview with Ruuttu.

See in the video how Kirittäret celebrated their championship.

The events referred to by Körkö began in the winter, when the leader of the second game Petri Kaijansinkko admitted that he was guilty of sexual harassment in 2014 and resigned from his position.

Later in July, the number one game leader Jussi “Nalle” Viljanen on the other hand, was out of action due to health reasons. Kirittäri’s game was not completely in its prime in the summer, even though it did well for the top teams.

– It feels very special. We haven’t had an easy season as a team, neither personally nor many others in this team. After all their difficulties, this was an extremely nice ending, Körkkö told Urheilu.

According to Ojaniemi, the Kirittäri team was “super tough and tight”. Openness moved forward.

– The group is really open. We have been really open about all things and feelings. It led us to this point, Ojaniemi commented.

The story continues after the pictures.

Körkkö gives praise to the one who took on the duties of the game director Mattias Kitola. He also brought up a psychic coach Riitta Holapan and who transferred to the coaching group in July Katja Saaren.

– Kitola has taken over the job extremely well. I don’t think many would have been able to do the same. Holapa’s Riitta and Saare’s Katja have completed really well. They have brought game knowledge and mental aspects, Körkkö said.

Kirittäret started their celebration in the familiar way by swimming in Köyhälammi, located near the baseball stadium. Next, the team plans to go to the sauna.

Körkkö told about his last retirement in the fall of 2019 after winning the Finnish championship in Kirittäri. However, he returned to the field already the following spring.

How about this time?

– I don’t think that this time (I will return). This is somehow a different feeling though, a very confident decision. When I say this, it turns out differently, Körkkö laughs, but gets serious.

– I really don’t think I’ll come back.

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