Emma and Alexander break down when they see their new house: “Just wanted to cry”

On September 19, “Husköp i blindo” premieres on TV3 and Viaplay. A program led by the presenter Carin da Silva and involves the participants in each episode letting experts find them the perfect dream home.

Emma and Alexanders want to live bigger

In the premiere episode, we get to meet the couple Emma, 29, and Alexander, 32, who lives in a two-room apartment in Katrineholm, but dreams of something bigger. In the apartment, the couple cannot fit their exercise bike and the kitchen is too closed off from the living room, which is a social space for them.

When the experts ask what Emma’s dream house is, she answers:

– I may dream of a large villa from the 30s with creaking wooden floors and a punch porch and a large garden with apple trees.

Photo: Screenshot TV3 The couple’s three requirements for their new home

Currently, the couple feels that their apartment is too small and too far from their work. The new dream house is therefore bought in Norrköping. The couple’s budget is SEK 5.1 million and they have three requirements that the experts must take into account, then they have free rein.

1. The house should not be too close to a busy road

2. It must be open between the kitchen and the living room

3. The couple wants an exercise room

It’s the presenter Carin da Silva, the interior design expert Lena Nyholm and one of Sweden’s foremost in property deals, Sebastian Stojanovic responsibility to ensure that the couple gets their dream house.

Photo: Screenshot TV3 Strong reactions when Emma and Alexander see their house for the first time

When Emma and Alexander get to take off their blindfolds and see their newly bought house in Norrköping for the first time, the couple is devastated. It’s not at all what they intended.

The house the couple put all their savings into turns out to be a villa built in the 70s, where nothing has changed since then.

– When I took off the blindfold, I just wanted to cry. Even there it didn’t go well, says Emma in the program.

And the more they walk around the house, the more horrified the couple become at what they have actually bought.

– This was really disgusting, it doesn’t smell so fresh, says the couple when they enter the house’s only bathroom.

Photo: Screenshot The TV370s villa is being renovated and furnished

In the end, the house is renovated and decorated and ready to move in. And you can say that the couple were, to say the least, shocked by the transformation the experts made.

Photo: Screen image TV3

Do you want to know how Emma and Alexander’s dream house is doing? Husköp i blindo is broadcast on Tuesdays at 21.00 on TV3 and Viaplay.