Emergency personnel sound the alarm in Region Kronoberg – danger for patients this summer

Assistant nurse Adam Karlsson, who worked for eight years at the emergency department at the Central Hospital in Växjö, personally handed in the letter at the regional house in Växjö on Monday. The letter is signed with roughly 100 signatures from staff at the emergency room in Växjö and the ambulance in the region.

– It is so serious that we will not be able to maintain patient-safe care this summer, says Adam Karlsson.

The letter states, among other things, that the staff believes that the information to the public about how serious the situation is has not been conveyed from Region Kronoberg.

Fewer than ever in the emergency room – according to the staff

It also appears that during weeks 25 to 32 there will be reduced staffing. From 15 nurses per day to 9. Fewer than ever before according to Adam Karlsson.

– We have never had so few before, says Adam Karlsson.

“Even today when we are fully staffed, we find it difficult to provide good emergency medical care. With the reduced staff this summer, we will not be able to meet patient safety,” the letter says.

The letter ends with the staff highlighting their concerns about the summer and what it will mean for both patients and staff.

SVT is seeking a comment on the letter from Region Kronoberg’s management.