“Elowi” by Yamê, the voice of singularity

Elowi by Yame the voice of singularity

His music is inspired as much by the great classics of French song as by jazz, rap and even the Cameroonian music that rocked his childhood. An unclassifiable artist who thrives on mixing genres, he returns today with a new project: “Elowi”.

His high-pitched voice immediately catches the ear. She caught the ear of the famous American producer Timbaland. This son of a Senegalese-Cameroonian musician has drawn his urban and hybrid music from the best African and Afro-American sources and from the jazz sessions of jazz clubs.

As he himself says in one of his texts, he is also “the piano and the snags”, because his smile without the front teeth has also contributed to making him one of the winning faces of social networks. This year he will create one of the major musical events of the Breton autumn: the Trans Musicales de Rennes.

Yamê is the guest of VMDN. He introduces ” Elowi », his new project.

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