Elon Musk’s reign of terror: Over 600 workplace injuries

In the report, 600 occupational injury reports have emerged that allegedly occurred at Musk’s company that develops rockets for space travel, SpaceX.

That’s just a fraction of all the damage that has actually occurred since 2014, and that was previously unknown, according to the news agency’s review.

Broken bones and head injuries

The injuries include everything from cuts to broken bones and head injuries. According to former employees who were interviewed, they have crossed borders and rounded corners in order to meet strict production requirements and earlier deadlines – all under the motto that, as Musk says, “save humanity from a planet in decay”.

Musk’s stated goal is to take humanity to Mars, and he has been building spacecraft at record speeds. Even his satellite network Starlink, which can connect the Internet all over the world with satellites, is part of the company’s products.

In order to speed up processes and development, senior managers have skipped security routines and testing, employees testify. In some cases, it has led to serious injuries, or even death.

One of the deaths

A case that Reuters brings up is Lonnie LeBlanc, a former veteran who died in an accident at SpaceX facilities in Texas. One late and windy evening, insulating material was to be moved to one of the large hangars but there were no straps to secure the load. Lonnie LeBlanc, who was new to the job, offered to sit on the load instead.

As the truck drove away, a gust of wind caught the load and swept away the insulation and LeBlanc—who flew headfirst into the ground. He was pronounced dead on the spot. An inspection by federal authorities found that SpaceX had failed to protect its employees.

Other employees testified that they simply did not have the materials or procedures for the transports.

Fast growing

SpaceX has grown at rocket speed in recent years and is now valued at just over $100 million, according to CNBC.

According to the same newspaper, the company is in a hard-pressed industry where the fight to be first with innovations is crucial.

According to Reuters, SpaceX’s various workplaces had 0.8 occupational injuries per 100 people last year, which is above the industry average.