Elon Musk opened the Model 2 door for Tesla Germany factory

Tesla restarted production based in Germany which was stopped

Elon Musk, Tesla for Germany factoryModel 2” and at the same time “Semi “He opened his door. These developments also affect Turkey to some extent. it concerns.

Elon Musk, Within the scope of a statement made by the company, the budget-friendly Model 2 (which has been on the agenda for a long time)Not introduced yet) He stated that it will also be produced in the factory in Germany. There is no date for this yet, but production of the Model 2 will not start directly at the Berlin factory. Production will start elsewhere, and the vehicle will later be produced in Germany. Musk also said in the future He pointed out that the electric truck model Semi could also be produced in Germany. The brand, which only brings vehicles from Germany to Turkey because of the extra electric vehicle tax imposed on China (only Model Y at this stage), attaches great importance to Model 2 because it is known that this vehicle will be Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, meaning that the model is very high-priced. There is a sales potential. Tesla Germany factory is on the agenda these days. For example, with the video below that he shared today, he showed us the inside of the factory with a drone tour. Teslawith a length of nearly 4 minutes in the video It reveals many stages of the production process of Model Y from a very different perspective. The video, which is a summary of how a Model Y comes to life, also reveals once again how many robots the company uses in the production process.


The factory had made a splash before with a bad situation. If you missed it TeslaLast week, it stopped production in its Berlin-based factory, which is also important for Türkiye. He had to stop because he was left without electricity. According to the allegations, a building near the factory Arson was committed on the power lineTherefore, a fire broke out, but the factory was not affected by this fire, which was extinguished in a short time. Having the factory evacuated against possible risks Tesla, Production in its Germany factory restarted today.