Elon Musk made new statements for Tesla Optimus

CEO Elon Musk Tesla Optimus Some new explanations for the humanoid robot models they call found.

Elon Musk speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, “I think people will start to see their personal Optimus robots as a kind of companion in the future. “You’ll be able to ask her to walk your dog, take care of your home, babysit the kids, cook meals, and play the piano.” said. Stating that they did not want to design the robot like a human clone, but that they aimed to look good, Musk said that for the robot, within the scope of Tesla’s last quarter meetings, “I think Optimus will be worth more than everything else combined.” He also made a statement. Tesla last week, “We have two Optimus humanoid robots working autonomously in the factory.” He made a splash with his statement. Later, Elon Musk’s post attracted attention. Claiming that they will significantly increase the number of robots working in the factory next year, MuskOptimus attaches great importance to the humanoid robot project and is making plans to sell the robot commercially. The company has shared many videos for Tesla Optimus so far.


For example, in the video you can watch below, we saw Optimus wandering around the development area once again. The robot, whose walking speed is still not high, but gradually accelerates each time, does not have much of a problem with balance if the ground is not bad. A t-shirt folding video was previously shared for Optimus. The robot works slowly but precisely in this regard and produces a good result. We last saw the robot sorting battery cells in the new video you can watch below. Optimus, who will replace many people one day, will switch to a new hand with 22 degrees of movement (currently 11 degrees of movement) this year, according to Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk The previous video you can watch at the bottom of the page shared for the robot by It revealed the final stage of the robot and this stage attracted a lot of attention. As shown in the video, his feet and Optimus, who can move his hands with precisionIt is built on hardware / engines specially designed by Tesla, and it is now more reliable than before. moves 30 percent faster, can move his neck in two axes, has lost 10 kg of weight and looks much more balanced now. Their new hands are much more mobile, faster and more sensitive than before. Optimus, can now perform precise pressure sensing across all fingers and Thus, it can easily move fragile objects such as eggs.