Elon Musk made assertive statements about artificial intelligence

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One of the richest names in the world Elon Musk, He made assertive statements about artificial intelligence in a program he recently attended.

Elon Muskas part of a live interview held on X, owned by “My prediction is that by the end of next year we will have an AI that is smarter than any human.” He made his statement and made a lot of noise, good or bad. Musk also said within the scope of this interview, “The fastest advancing technology I’ve ever seen is artificial intelligence, and I’ve actually seen a lot of technology.” he said. The biggest goal of the incredibly fast-developing artificial intelligence side is now Reaching the level of artificial general intelligence. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), or Artificial General Intelligence (AIZ) in Turkish, is summarized as the intelligence of the machine that can successfully perform any mental task that a human can do. The first company to achieve this OpenAI It is thought that it will happen, but many companies are carrying out major studies in the field.


Elon Musk has a company called xAI, which focuses directly on artificial intelligence, and a ChatGPT competitor called Grok developed by that company. Grok last attracted attention by being made open source. With the transition to open source structure, developers and researchers will now be able to easily use the architecture or infrastructure that powers the Grok chat robot in their own projects, free of charge. All necessary information and resources in the process Here The company sharing the open structure with 314 billion parameters Grok-1 It starts with .

Grok It is a productive artificial intelligence system where people can chat and get answers to their questions. In his statement about the chat bot, he said, ““At xAI, we want to create artificial intelligence tools that will assist humanity in its search for knowledge.” who says xAIstated that the system was built on an engine called Grok-1. “The system is designed to answer questions with some humor and has a rebellious streak. So if you hate humor, please don’t use it!” xAI company, which also made its statement, said that the system:“It will answer controversial questions rejected by most other AI systems.” He also reported.