Elon Musk has found someone interesting to crack the Twitter search system

Elon Musk has found someone interesting to crack the Twitter

Elon Musk Twitter found someone very interesting to crack the search system. George Hotz, He joins the company for 12 weeks.

Almost nothing Elon Musk has ever done is normal. Just twitter Musk, who makes strange decisions not only in other business areas, but also in other business areas, continues to surprise. for example today George Hotzof a 12-week “internship” It was announced that he will be included in Twitter within the scope of the project. George Hotz, during this 12-week period “search system” Claims to fix it. Musk made a statement after purchasing Twitter and stated that the search system on Twitter did not work well at all.

Alright George Hotz why is it an interesting name? hotz, He has been in the world of technology for a very long time and he has succeeded in making a sound with the projects he has done many times. Remembered as the first person to hack the iPhone and PlayStation 3 due to modification litigation with Sony Hotz is autonomous in his own garage. He even produced a self-driving car model. and he did it in just one month.

Within the scope of this project, it made the 2016 model Acura ILX model car driverless with its special software, radar (Lidar) and camera units. George Hotz, At the time, he even received a job offer from Elon Musk with this work, but he did not accept it. What made Hotz cross paths with Musk again was a surprise. twitter happened, the connection between the two is again twitter on was established.


Elon Musk came up with a lot of other information today. for example today Twitter layoffs are complete announced. Musk, who has removed more than 4 thousand Twitter employees since he came to power and caused many resignations, according to the information received. reduced the company’s headcount from 7,500 to 2,700. Speaking at the meeting within the company on this subject, Musk states that they will now start hiring again in the fields of engineering and sales / marketing.