Elon Musk admits his posts are probably bad for the website he bought for $44 billion

A defamation lawsuit against Elon Musk was filed in fall 2023. In a published affidavit relating to a defamation lawsuit in October 2023, Elon Musk spoke about the impact of his posts on Twitter/X.

In a recently released affidavit from a defamation lawsuit in October 2023, Elon Musk discussed the impact of his posts on billion euros).

What kind of lawsuit is this? The defamation lawsuit was filed last fall after Musk allegedly falsely referred to a man named Ben Brody on X/Twitter as a protester at a neo-Nazi rally. This is what the colleagues at TheVerge write.

Musk says: His contributions are not necessarily financially beneficial

What exactly does Elon Musk say? HuffPost now reports that the plaintiff asked Musk whether his purchase of Twitter (now X) affected the way he posts on the site. Musk then responded that what he shares really remained the same before and after the acquisition. He continued:

And going back to the self-inflicted wound, the Kevlar shoes, I think I’ve probably done more to harm the company financially than to help it, but certainly I don’t base my contributions on what’s financially beneficial , but based on what I believe is interesting or important or entertaining to the public.

During questioning, Musk also stated that he had a limited understanding of the lawsuit he was being questioned about and seemed confused about who actually sued him. His lawyer Alex Spiro is also said to have “filed several emergency requests to keep the questioning closed.”

What kind of post is this actually about? Musk learned about the conspiracy theory about the plaintiff from an should have found. The caption on the photo read: “After graduation he wants to work for the government,” implying that the bait hunter was present at the fight.

Musk casually commented on this post with a “Very strange,” but that’s usually enough to get a wave of reactions going. Because every post from Elon Musk is shared millions of times on Twitter/X.

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