Élisabeth Borne looks back on her record in government

Elisabeth Borne looks back on her record in government

After her departure from the government and before her return to the benches of the National Assembly, the former Prime Minister returned to her assessment at Matignon, in an interview with Le Parisien.

After her departure from the government on January 9, 2024, Élisabeth Borne, former prime minister, withdrew from political life. She is expected to return to the National Assembly this Tuesday, February 13 as a deputy for Calvados. A break which was an opportunity to take stock of his record in government, in an interview given to Parisian. The former Prime Minister is pleased: she says she is “proud” of “what has been accomplished”, in an “unprecedented context of relative majority”. She explains that she had to “find instructions” to adopt the “necessary” reforms. The former Prime Minister, however, did not address the immigration bill or the pension reform, because it is, according to her, “still too early”. She says she has “experienced everything: the constant attacks, the invectives, the violence”.

36 days of rest

The mandatory period before returning to the position of deputy is 36 days. Elisabeth Borne took the opportunity to rest and go on vacation to Morocco for a week accompanied by friends. “This little moment of breathing, after almost seven years without interruption in government”, did him “good”.

Sylvain Maillard, head of the Renaissance group in the Assembly, would have planned a standing ovation from the deputies on Tuesday February 13, for the return of the former Prime Minister.