Elina Lampela pulled off quite a trick in the pole vault final – even she laughed: “If someone had said in the winter” | Sport

Elina Lampela pulled off quite a trick in the pole

Elina Lampela pulled off a huge surprise in the women’s pole vault final. Lampela was fourth with a score of 458.

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Just like the one who entered the EC pole vault final as a medal favorite Wilma Murto failed in Roman evening, peer Elina Lampela entered the race of her life.

The Oulu native, who had already fought for success with Murro in the youth competition, was fourth with a score of 458. He shared that ranking Amalie Svabikova with.

This is by far the best ranking of Lampela’s career in the adult competition. He was also in the EC final two years ago, but then the final competition became a learning experience.

– Yes, this sounds good. If someone had told me in the winter that I would be in the top four of the European Championship, I wouldn’t have believed it.

– It was a little sad, because the medal was so close. I have a bit of mixed feelings.

Lampela was able to attempt a height of 468, which would have been a new record for him. Lampela’s record has been quietly jumped to 463.

Lampela didn’t really remember those attempts.

– I think the jump came on. The jumps did not continue as well as in the qualification. I don’t know if I had recovered that well in qualifying. In the future, you could try to use less energy in the qualifiers. It was very jumpable.

Wilma Murto fell behind in the pole vault final with a score of 443, which was enough for eighth place.

Swiss Angelica Moser (478) won the EC gold. The other was Greece Aikaterini Stefanidi (473) and the third Brit who went into the race as champion favorite Molly Caudery (473).