Electric scooter that can always be carried like a bag: Arma

Electric scooter that can always be carried like a bag

Today, the electric scooter model that can always be carried like a bag is on the agenda. brings. Name of this model Rigging.

Nowadays, many foldable structures electric scooter Arma, which has recently come to the fore, makes a difference and makes a splash by being one of the most compact options in this regard. For very short distance transportation needs Japan The model, which is prepared with a centric focus, can be easily taken anywhere with its weight of 4.5 kg and can be folded and opened in 30 seconds. The model, which takes up as much space as a small tool bag when folded and has a carrying handle on top, seems logical, especially when focusing on the needs in big cities. Despite its small and foldable structure, it is reported that it can carry 100 kg drivers. Riggingat the maximum according to the information given 24km/h can accelerate and 14.5 km It provides a range of . Arma, which came to life as a Kickstarter project, from here least Donate $1,050 can be obtained, but deliveries June of 2024 It is announced that it will be held in month.

Arma, who knows how to make a sound, comes to mind directly. Honda Motocompacto brings the model. The product, whose promotional video you can watch below, is a commercialized option. As a reminder, the model, whose handlebars and seat are designed to be foldable and which looks like a closed suitcase with the effect of its angular body, rides on small tires. Total 19kg has a weight compact electric scooter, top according to description 24km/h It can go up to speed and with a fully charged battery it can reach approx. 20 km It can build roads.

Maximum 490 watts reported to be able to provide power motocompactovia normal socket under 4 hours It can be fully charged and can also be used for night driving with its built-in LED lighting. The personal transportation vehicle, whose exterior surface is very suitable for different designs and which provides instant information about charging and speed from the small screen on its handlebar, does not appeal to everyone, of course, but it seems very useful for simple transportation needs. Honda Motocompacto, According to the official statement made in November Available for $995