Electric Peugeot E-308 is on sale in Turkey

Electric Peugeot E 308 is on sale in Turkey

Peugeot continues to expand its product range in Turkey. Today the electric Peugeot E-308 is on sale in Turkey presented.

Peugeot Turkey shared the following about the adventure in Turkey that started for the electric Peugeot E-308: “E-308, the fully electric version of Peugeot’s successful model 308 in the compact hatchback class, is on sale in Turkey as of November 2023. In GT trim, the highest trim level of the series E-308, which is offered for sale at a price of 1 million 565 thousand TLIt hits the road with a new electric engine that produces 115 kW (156 HP) and has a range of over 400 km (WLTP Combined). The eye-catching design of the new 308 and the characteristic driving pleasure of Peugeot models; In the new E-308, it blends with a combined energy consumption of 15.1 kWh/km and segment-leading efficiency.


“The new Peugeot E-308 is offered for sale with a new, fully electric engine with 115 kW (156 HP) of power and 270 Nm of torque from the first moment of movement, providing instant acceleration responses. Thanks to the new engine, the E-308 offers a quiet, vibration-free and CO2-free ride. The heat pump in the E-308 optimizes range while maintaining a high level of performance with the instantaneous response typical of electric motors.

A new generation technology, 54 kWh high voltage (51 kWh usage) battery is used. The Lithium Ion battery in the E-308 operates with 375 volts and provides a range of 510-525 km in the city and 410-413 km in the combined range, according to the WLTP protocol. “The E-308 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds and has a maximum speed of 170 km/h.”