Electric heating: how to choose?

Electric heating how to choose

From convectors to soft heat radiators, including electric radiant floors, the offer is particularly wide. The challenge is to have a good level of comfort without spending a fortune on use.

the Electric heating is distinguished by its simplicity of installation, for a low initial investment in many cases. Still, electricity is a energy expensive, subject to exponential price increases. The thermal performance of the home is the first criterion of profitability of the installed equipment.


THE’air ambient penetrates into the lower part of thedevice. It warms up on contact with a electrical resistance, then emerges by rising through a high grid. This method of heating is very inexpensive, which explains its presence in many rented apartments. But the hot air does not diffuse evenly and tends to concentrate towards the ceiling. Hence an unpleasant feeling of cold feet, which leads to overconsumption of electricity. Another drawback is the convection dries the air and stirs up airborne dust. To be used as a supplement, for lack of anything better.

Radiant (or radiant) panels

The device incorporates a heating plate equipped with a network of electrical resistances, protected by a honeycomb grid, a perforated sheet or a safety glass front. Like convectors, the devices combine affordable prices and rapid rise in temperature. But’analogy stop there. The radiation, by infrared waves, ensures a heat more harmonious that is transmitted to the whole volume room and surrounding surfaces. Permanent comfort possible in suitably insulated accommodation.

THE’inertia thermal applied to Electric heating has many advantages. The radiators accumulate calories and release them slowly by distributing the heat evenly from floor to ceiling. This technology provides more efficient and energy efficient radiators than their competitors, at competitive prices. It ensures an excellent level of comfort in a atmosphere non-drying.

Electric underfloor heating

Also known by the acronym “PRE”, it is the best of electric heating. The system uses an armored resistance to unwind or fix on the frame. This resistance is cleverly distributed over insulating slabs, laid beforehand on the floor original. The whole is covered with a wet coating or a dry screed, which receives the decorative coating. Designed in this way, the “meadow” converts the ground surface into a super radiant radiator, the temperature of which never exceeds 28 ° C.

Choosing your electric heater: what to remember

Another variant of inertia, the storage heater consists of a core solid (often refractory bricks) which stores heat during off-peak hours and releases it slowly during the day. Bulky, but advantageous because consuming theelectricity at the times when the rates are lowest.

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