Electoral card: is it possible to vote without your voter card?

Electoral card is it possible to vote without your voter

French voters can vote for the European elections this Sunday June 9, 2024, but to do so they must present certain documents, such as the electoral card. Which ones are obligatory?

The French will go to the polls this Sunday June 9, 2024 to vote in the European elections. The last vote dates from two years ago – it was organized for the legislative elections – and after the European elections, voters will not have the opportunity to participate in democratic life for two years, i.e. in 2026… To vote two options are available to voters: go to the polling stations or make a proxy.

But after two years without having needed to vote, some may have lost their voter card and others have a card that is no longer up to date, particularly in the event of moving. But is the electoral card required to be able to vote? The answer is no, it is not as long as the voter can prove their identity.

Electoral card, identity document… What papers must be presented to vote?

Presenting your voter card to the assessors at the polling stations on polling day is strongly recommended, but it is not obligatory. In theory, French voters must go to polling stations with their electoral card and an identity document with a photo. But in practice, only identification is required to be able to vote. Without presentation of a document attesting to their identity, a person cannot participate in the ballot.

An exception is made in towns with less than 1000 inhabitants. In these municipalities also it is advisable to present both documents or one of the two, but voters can simply bring one of the two: electoral card or identity document. This is the only case in which identification is not required to vote. But it is possible that an assessor will specifically ask voters to be able to prove their identity.

Please note that with or without an electoral card, it is imperative to be registered on the electoral lists (and on the correct ones) to be able to vote. Moreover, voters registered on the electoral lists by a court decision must, in addition to the electoral card and/or an identity document, present said document.

What documents can replace the voter card?

If a voter can do without the electoral card to vote, he or she must present an identity document. For this, several documents can be used as long as an identity photograph is present:

  • National Identity Card ;
  • passport ;
  • driving license ;
  • vital card;
  • state civil servant card;
  • SNCF large family card;
  • military ID card;
  • hunting permit ;
  • military or civil disability card;
  • fighter card.

How to obtain your electoral card?

The electoral card goes hand in hand with registration on the electoral lists. To receive one, you must therefore register on the lists by taking the necessary steps on the French administration website. Registration is automatic for new voters when they turn 18, but it can also be done voluntarily and manually after moving or obtaining French nationality.

If an electoral card is lost or stolen, a voter already registered on the electoral lists can then obtain a certificate of registration on the electoral list from the town hall. The document serves as a voter card to vote on election day.