“Ekşi Sözlük has been banned for 17 days”

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One of Turkey’s largest social communication platforms Sour Dictionary Unfortunately, the access block for progress.

The latest statement from the company on this subject is as follows: was transferred:Yesterday, we announced to you that our objection was accepted by the Ankara 4th Criminal Judgeship of Peace and that the decision on the blocking of access was lifted. Again, last night, we learned that the decision regarding the acceptance of the objection given in our favor by the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace, without any information being given to us, was revoked upon the objection of the BTK. His decision was conveyed to us by electronic notification, upon our request, following the news last night. The most serious part regarding the reasons for this decision is as follows; “Although it is defended that these issues are within the scope of freedom of thought, it is considered that the posts that are contrary to the views of the users on the site do not appear on the site as much as the posts mentioned above, and these posts are removed from the site in a very short time. It is contrary to the ordinary flow of life, in this context, it will not be sufficient to remove some content from the publication, the action is more organized and includes the whole site rather than individual/simple nature…” a known fact.


It is even admitted that we are criticized by many of our users for “not being a party”. While none of us know what the user’s view on the site is, the decision includes the claim that the opposition to this view was silenced by the administration. We strongly reject these allegations today as we did on the first day. We have not taken down any user’s content for reasons of opinion. As it has been up to now, Ekşi Sözlük will not be the defender of any thought, but it will continue to keep the collective memory record, leaving room for everyone to defend their own opinion. We continue to believe in the law, we will continue to continue our struggle before the law.”

The official statement made by Ekşi Sözlük on this subject is as follows: had happened: “Hello. We were able to have a meeting with the BTK on the subject, and we also received a hand notification of the decision of the criminal judge of peace, whose decision number we shared with you before. The aforementioned decision was made in accordance with Article 8/a of Law No. 5651 with the letter of the Presidency of Administrative Affairs, General Directorate of Security Affairs; No content was used as a basis for this decision.

As a reason for the blocking of our entire site, Incorrect information was given to the public by the authors of Ekşi Sözlük, the society was tried to be directed, Although the decisions to block access given by the peace judgeships are fulfilled by the management, the public order was affected by the fact that the society could not reach the correct information during this period, especially after the earthquake, false information was given about the military and state institutions, the society was directed and the state was shown as incapable. It has been shown that the site administrators do not show the necessary reaction to false and slanderous articles, internal control is not provided, harmful posts and comments are not prevented by Ekşi Sözlük management.

As indicated in the justification, as a website subject to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, we implement court orders and strictly fulfill all our other legal obligations. However, we use our moderation activity at the highest capacity in social events such as the recent disaster. Just as GSM operators experience disruptions in their operations due to congestion, the response rate may slow down due to the fact that the content increases much faster than normal in such events. We will work to prevent these agglomerations. However, as everyone will agree, even in these situations, our response speed is faster than any social media platform we can compare with, we have the same sensitivities as our users and readers.

In such major events, we do not see our responsibilities only within the limits of the law, we also make an effort to take action quickly as a humanitarian. Although the responsibility given to us by the law as a hosting provider is limited, we are sensitive about content that will cause outrage in the society, and we interfere with such titles and contents. We do not separate any segment, thought or person in our interventions, we always try to preserve polyphony. Although this effort does not make anyone happy today, our aim is to keep the collective memory record by conveying the thoughts of people from all walks of life, rather than making someone happy. We will take all legal remedies against the decision. If there is any development, we will share it with you. Thank you for all your support so far.”