Edouard Philippe targeted by an investigation: what is the former Prime Minister suspected of?

Edouard Philippe targeted by an investigation what is the former

Edouard Phillipe is targeted with other elected officials from Le Havre by a preliminary investigation. Searches took place at City Hall and the urban community.

Edouard Philippe is the subject of a preliminary investigation with his deputy in charge of innovation and digital and Le Havre community advisor, Stéphanie de Bazelaire, as well as with the general director of urban community services, Claire-Sophie Tasias. According to newspaper information The world, this investigation was opened in December by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office for “illegal taking of interests, misappropriation of public funds, favoritism and moral harassment”. This Wednesday, April 3 in the morning, searches began at Le Havre City Hall and at the headquarters of the urban community as part of this affair.

This procedure follows a complaint filed on September 14 by the former deputy general director of the urban community. It concerns the operation of the Digital City of the Norman city. An agreement was made between the urban community and the LH French Tech association to operate this place for four years and to the tune of two million euros in subsidies. However, the volunteer president of LH French Tech is none other than Stéphanie de Bazelaire, assistant to Édouard Philippe. There are suspicions of a potential conflict of interest, which the justice system is investigating.

The complainant, in the exercise of her duties, had, in a note sent to Edouard Philippe, reported this combination of functions of the assistant as well as the difficult budgetary situation of the association. After this report, she claims to have suffered pressure and humiliation from her superiors. His fixed-term contract was not renewed in April 2023 by the president of the community, Edouard Philippe, for an alleged lack of expertise.

Edouard Philippe says he “respected the rules”

“The mayor, elected officials and teams of the city of Le Havre and the urban community are fully and calmly at the disposal of the prosecution to provide all the elements necessary for the investigation,” they reacted in a press release sent to theAFP. At the microphone of BFM NormandyEdouard Philippe confirmed the searches and was at the disposal of the magistrates while ensuring that he “respected the rules”.

This investigation could embarrass the former Prime Minister, who has already publicly indicated that he is preparing to run for the 2027 presidential election.