Edouard Philippe suffering from a serious illness? He responds bluntly

Edouard Philippe suffering from a serious illness He responds bluntly

The former Prime Minister’s physical appearance has changed a lot in four years. His hair turned white, his beard and his eyebrows fell out… He gave the medical reasons for these changes in Sept à Huit.

On the occasion of the release of his book “Places that saySeptember 13, published by Lattès, Edward Philippe spoke about his health on the show Seven to Eight. The former Prime Minister answered questions from Audrey C respo-Mara on her physical changes. “I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist because there are plenty of people, when they see me, who wonder if it wouldn’t be a very serious illness.

This is not the case. The former Prime Minister actually suffers from two autoimmune diseases. The first: the vitiligothe one who is responsible for whitening of hair and beard. This depigmentation East permed. It’s here loss of melanin which causes the destruction of cells which normally provide pigmentation. The causes of vitiligo are not established with certainty but stress could be a contributing factor. “Normally, it won’t move anymore” indicated the president of the Horizons party about this depigmentation. The French then attended the loss of his beard, his hair and especially his eyebrows. “When you’re a boy and you’re 52 and you lose your hair, no one cares. It is eyebrows that are surprising” testified Edouard Philippe. It is thealopeciaa other autoimmune disease which causes this rapid and abnormal hair loss.

Deficiencies, stress and depression are among the causes linked to this pathology. “It doesn’t have no kind of seriousness, it’s not contagious, it’s not painful” supported the mayor of Le Havre regarding these two illnesses before emphasizing: “It’s true that it changes your face and then it’s like everything, you live with it and then that’s it.” He finally invited anyone who doubted his “excellent health” to come and do boxing with him.