EdiliziAcrobatica, joint venture with Italsoft

EdiliziAcrobatica joint venture with Italsoft

(Finance) – ConstructionAcrobatics – a company specialized in double safety rope construction works, has today signed binding agreements for the establishment of a corporate and commercial joint venture with the Italsoft group – Italian leader in enabling technology for digital innovation and energy of the construction and real estate sectors dedicated to environmental sustainability and decarbonisation through energy requalification, the management of energy communities and the transformation of buildings into smart buildings – and at the same time to have proceeded with the establishment of the company “Acrobatica Smart Living” .

Acrobatica and Italsoft thus combine the skills acquired in their respective sectors of activity to ensure that NewCo can operate in the energy requalification of buildings, in the creation of energy communities and in the transformation of buildings into smart buildings – while generating business opportunities for the activities “core” of the parties – and, in a second phase, in the provision of services connected to the administration and condominium management of a significant number of properties in Italy through digital platforms.

Acrobatica has today become the owner of a majority stake equal to 51% of the share capital, fully subscribed and paid up, which guarantees it control and therefore the possibility of consolidating the NewCo within the perimeter of the Group. Italsoft, as a minority shareholder, became the owner of a stake equal to 49% of the share capital of NewCo.

The establishment of the NewCo and therefore the launch of the Joint Venture enhances and maximizes the thirty years of work carried out by the Acrobatica group and capitalizes on the transformative vision of Italsoft by creating a player that can be the first to enter new business areas with a unique entrepreneurial modality and strength , focused on transforming culture in the construction world.