Ecological planning: acronyms, more acronyms, for what result?

Ecological planning acronyms more acronyms for what result

In recent months, the conduct of ecological planning has mostly resembled a whirlwind of acronyms, a technocratic marvel producing multiple hiccups and misunderstandings. National low carbon strategy (SNBC), multi-annual energy programming (PPE), or even national plan for adaptation to climate change (PNACC)…

No less than six roadmaps and “climate” processes, which overlap, without managing to meet their deadlines, requiring ever more coordination and working groups. All covered by the new General Secretariat for Ecological Planning.

Do we need that much to successfully move forward on the path to transition? The countries of Northern Europe show us that political will is often enough to replace many administrative structures. In the future, we will therefore have to find a way to do better with less. “Taking an inventory of our administrative machinery seems essential,” slips a Macronist deputy. Even if it means sacrificing processes that have been in place for months. It is only at this price that the government will succeed in constructing a clear narrative, capable of attracting the support of the French. For the moment, many citizens are worried about rising energy prices, the end of diesel and even the proliferation of wind turbines near their homes. Emmanuel Macron will have a lot to do to reassure them during his speech scheduled for September 25.