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EBU No new statement has been issued on Israels Eurovision

According to the EBU, a previously made statement has been forwarded to the news agency today.


Anni Kavander,

Jussi Latvala

No new statement has been made about Israel’s participation in Eurovision, says the European Broadcasting Corporation EBU.

On Thursday, the media reported that the EBU had made a decision about Israel’s participation in Eurovision. The international news agency AFP reported the decision on Thursday, after which the matter was also reported in Finland. also reported on the EBU’s decision.

However, the EBU tells that no new statement has been issued in the matter. According to the EBU, the statement given earlier has been forwarded to the AFP.

The EBU has already said in December that Israel is allowed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, because the Eurovision Song Contest is a competition between European and Middle Eastern broadcasters, not between governments.

Israel is scheduled to appear in the second semifinal on May 9. Ten of the participants of the second semi-final will make it to the final on May 11.

Israel is represented in the competition held in Malmö, Sweden Eden Golan20.

Several parties have demanded that Israel’s participation be banned because of the war in Gaza.

Finnish representative Windows95man ie Teemu Keisteri has said that he is not sure if he will perform in Eurovision. He has said that he hopes that Israel would not participate in the competition.

has previously received a petition from Finnish musicians demanding a boycott of Israel in Eurovision.

The matter has been corrected on 15.2. at 15:47: EBU has not given a new solution in the case, contrary to what could be understood from the story before.