“Eating disorder in children may be a harbinger of sexual abuse”

Eating disorder in children may be a harbinger of sexual

Saying that many behavioral problems in children can be a precursor to the abuse experienced by the child, Head of Child Care and Youth Services Lecturer. See. Elif Türel pointed out that the causes of disorders such as binge eating, refusal to eat, and not eating at all should be investigated.

Stating that these behavioral disorders are among the abuse symptoms, Türel said, “Sexual abuse is unfortunately not only seen in our country but also in the whole world. Almost every day, we are shaken by the news of abuse. Especially in such situations, children may prefer to remain silent because of their fears.”


Türel listed the points to be considered in order to recognize abused children as follows:

“If the child is withdrawn and does not want to go out of his room and does not contact you, shows eating disorders, has excessive sexual knowledge outside his development, is restless at night and has difficulty falling asleep, there has been an unexpected decrease in his school success, he does not enjoy the activities he is doing, he has disorder in his relations with his friends. has started to form, has focus and concentration problems, plays sexual games, has shy behaviors and hugs, touches, etc. If the child is reacting to the behaviors, the child should be observed by getting help from a specialist.”

“Children in early childhood have a very wide imagination,” says Türel. If the child is telling sexually explicit stories, consult a specialist! Children do not lie about this,” he concluded.