Earning more than 100 euros in a day and starring in a film is possible and you don’t even need training

Earning more than 100 euros in a day and starring

Do you dream of appearing in a television series or film? There is a solution available to everyone to live a unique experience, meet stars… and earn money!

Who has never dreamed of seeing their face on the screen, in a film or television series? While it can be very difficult to make a career as a renowned actor or actress, being an extra is within everyone’s reach. An extra is obviously silent and is just a silhouette that only passes by, but he remains essential to the film or series: the figures in the background often provide essential credibility to the scene and bring an extra layer of soul. and life to fiction.

In addition, an extra can earn a nice sum of money: the national collective agreement for film production of January 19, 2012 sets the minimum daily wage at 105 euros for extras (for less than 5 days). For a mute silhouette (a character is mentioned on the duty sheet, or an actor who provides precise and specific expertise), the minimum rate is set at 150 euros per day. And if you are lucky enough to have a line of dialogue of five words maximum, which remains rare, this minimum daily wage rises to 250 euros.

Be careful, spending a day as an extra can sometimes be a thankless task: you sometimes have to wait several hours, not to do much, sometimes the scene is cut during editing… But it’s a unique opportunity to discover the behind the scenes of a shoot and why not see real stars in action. Anyone can become an extra on a film set. In fact, we do not necessarily ask the extra to know how to act (as long as you remain natural) and a wide variety of profiles are sought. To find casting announcements, it is possible to go through Pole Emploi spectacle which lists most of the job offers.

There are also sites specializing in castings where you can find numerous offers for extras. However, some require a subscription to access the offers. It is also interesting to contact your town hall or region, which generally has filming offices, to find out about upcoming local filming events.

Be careful though: there are scams. To avoid them, it is better to rely on ads posted on reliable and recognized sites. Furthermore, you will never be asked for money to take part in a filming or to pass a casting. If this is the case, run away, we are most certainly trying to scam you!