Early Russian cold: Minus 58 degrees

Early Russian cold Minus 58 degrees
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full screen Picture from Yakutsk in January, when it was minus 47 degrees there. Photo: Aleksej Vasiliev/AP/TT

The winter cold is spreading in many places, but the famous Russian cold holes in Sacha are, as usual, the worst: temperatures of around minus 55 degrees are now being measured.

Such brutal cold is not unique to the sub-republic of Sacha (Yakutia), but it is coming unusually early this winter. Dozens of weather stations in the Siberian region have recorded temperatures of minus 50 or colder, Russian media reports.

Weather station Jema records around minus 58 degrees – the coldest start to December in upwards of two decades.

Several of the current weather stations are also on the lists of the coldest temperatures ever measured on Earth. The all-time cold record in Ojmjakon is, for example, 67.8 degrees,

This is reported by the BBC, which also states that anyone who, against the odds, wants to find lower temperatures than that must go to the South Pole. It can get down to around 90 degrees cold there in the winters. On the other hand, it is not relevant at the moment, since high summer has just started in the southern hemisphere.