EA Sports FC 24 introduces 8 new icons

EA has just presented the 8 new icon cards for the FIFA successor EA Sports FC 24. We’ll show you which legends have made it into the game.

What are Icons in EA Sports FC 24? The “Icon” cards are special cards for legends of days gone by. Not only do they bring very good stats, but they also have the advantage of bringing strong chemistry connections for your teams in Ultimate Team.

The problem with the chemistry system was extensively criticized in FIFA 23 and has now been adjusted again in FC 24.

This is new for the icons in FC 24: Unlike previous years, it seems that there will no longer be 3 different icon versions. So the concept of baby, mid and prime icons seems to be over.

However, it seems plausible that new special versions of the icons will appear over the course of the year, because EA has published numerous special versions of various icon cards in FIFA 23.

For the upcoming release of EA Sports FC 24, 8 new icons and their ratings have been presented.

The 8 new icons for EA Sports FC 24

These are the new icons for FC 24: The new icon cards are led by the American Mia Hamm (93), who has an extremely strong card to offer. The two-time world champion has a 93 rating and extremely strong stats, which should ensure a high price on the transfer market.

In addition, English legend Sir Bobby Charlton (92) has finally made it to FC 24. His new card offers a lot of speed, strong shooting values ​​and high dribbling.

Birgit Prinz (92), who now has an icon card in Ultimate Team, is exciting from a German perspective. The world footballer has a card that scores points with high physics and all-round strong stats. Only the pace value could be a little better.

But the Brazilian offensive man Zico (91) also looks pretty strong at first. He is fast, has very strong shooting values ​​and can impress with high passing and dribbling stats. It will be exciting to see how well it plays in-game.

You can see all the new icon cards in EA Sports FC 24 here:

  • ST: Hamm (93)
  • ZOM: Charlton (92)
  • ST: Prince (92)
  • ZOM: Zico (91)
  • ZM: Sawa (91)
  • ZM: Abily (90)
  • ST: Smith (89)
  • LM: Ribery (88)
  • Fans complain about Franck Ribéry’s new icon card

    Many have been eagerly waiting for it and in FIFA’s successor FC 24 the time has actually come: Bayern legend Frack Ribery is officially returning as an icon. But his rating is lower than many would have expected. His overall rating is only 88, making him the lowest rating of the new legends.

    You can see what fans on Reddit have to say about it here:

  • GIge-: “Ribery 88 is a crime.”
  • EnvironmentMany5448: “Ribéry with an 88 rating is scandalous… he may be a beast, but what the hell kind of rating is that?”
  • Lukedutchh: “Ribery should be stronger than this.”
  • Animeforever24: “Ribery should have at least a 91.”
  • However, if you look at Ribery’s stats in detail, then the values ​​are not that bad. Despite an 88 rating, Ribery could become a very strong winger, especially due to his skills, speed and dribbling stats.

    All icons in EA Sports FC 24

    In addition to the 8 new legends that were introduced today, numerous icons from FIFA 23 are also returning. It’s exciting to see which versions are now in the game and what has changed in their stats.

    We have an overview for you here:

    At first glance you can see that many legends no longer have the stats of their former Prime versions.

    What do you think about the new icons in EA Sports FC 24? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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