EA FC 24: The 5 most expensive footballers are worth over €800 million

In EA FC 24, ratings determine how strong or bad a player is. In real life, transfer market prices provide information about how desirable a professional footballer is. We look at the most expensive footballers currently and show you whether the most valuable stars also have the best cards in Ultimate Team.

Where do the market values ​​come from? We took the value of the individual players from the transfermarkt.de website. This site is known for being well informed about current developments on the transfer market.

The real market value of a player is influenced by various factors. We focused on the most obvious criteria, which would be:

  • Age/development potential
  • position
  • statistics
  • successes
  • Comparison of the most expensive players: How good are they in the game?

    What can you find in our list? In our ranking we first briefly introduce you to the ranking and the individual players (place, name, age, club, positions). Below you can see their current market value and the rating range (starting from the gold card you received when EA FC 24 started up to the currently strongest special version). We will then briefly discuss the statistics and achievements that lead to their market price before we finally take a closer look at various Ultimate Team cards from the stars.

    3 players share first place.

    1st place: Jude Bellingham, 20 (Real Madrid) – ZM, ZDM, ZOM

  • Market value: €180 million
  • Rating: 8696
  • This is what makes the footballer Bellingham so valuable: Bellingham is one of the most valuable players ever this season. Bellingham has 20 games and 17 goal participations (14 goals and 3 assists). Since his departure from Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2023, he has been able to increase his market value by another 60 million euros. Due to his versatility, he is perhaps the most sought-after player in world football at the moment, as he can play all positions in midfield but also in attack.

    The Englishman has not yet won any major titles in his club career and narrowly missed out on the championship with Dortmund. At Real Madrid it should only be a matter of time before he gets his first trophies.

    This is how good Bellingham is in EA FC 24: Originally “only” given an overall rating of 86, his strong season can also be seen using a Team of the Week card (TOTW), Player of the Month card (POTM) and, above all, his team -of-the-Year Card (TOTY) in EA FC 24. In the game, its strongest version, with its Playstyle+ for the intense R1-OP dribbling, is also one of the best cards. Even if in the game with a market value of around 7.5 million it is not quite enough for the top places of the most valuable cards in Ultimate Team.

    1st place: Erling Haaland, 23 (Manchester City) – ST

  • Market value: €180 million
  • Rating: 9197
  • This is what makes the footballer Haaland so valuable: The Norwegian world-class striker recently missed a few games due to a persistent injury. His numbers this season still amaze you. After 36 goals in 35 games last season, Haaland has once again played more goals than games this season. In 16 games he recorded 14 goals and 4 assists. Due to his impressive numbers, Haaland’s market value has been stable at 180 million since the summer of 2023.

    Despite his young age, the clipper won all the major trophies available in England and at international level last season (championship, cup, Champions League). There will certainly be a few more trophies in the next few years.

    This is how good Haaland is in EA FC 24: As a cover star, Haaland’s gold card was one of the best players in the game right from the start with a rating of 91. Haaland’s true power could only be unleashed in-game with a trick, which caused his price to drop relatively quickly. The beefy striker has now collected some special cards (TOTW, Dynasties, TOTY) that cover up his weakness. With a value of around 10 million coins, his TOTY is on the top shelf of the most expensive cards in EA FC 24 and is therefore automatically one of the top tier candidates.

    1st place: Kylian Mbappé, 25 (Paris Saint-Germain) – ST, MS, LF

  • Market value: €180 million
  • Rating: 9197
  • This is what makes the footballer Mbappé so valuable: Mbappé is off to a flying start again in Ligue 1 this season. 24 goals in 19 games speak for themselves. Nevertheless, you can’t shake the feeling that the lightning-fast striker hasn’t yet fully exploited his potential.

    If we had done our ranking four years ago, in 2020, the Frenchman would have been the undisputed number 1 most expensive player. Mbappé had an incredible market value of €200 million. At just 25 years old, the wonder striker is still young, but is now the oldest player on our list. This coupled with the lack of club success at international level caused his price to drop slightly. Nevertheless, with his abilities, he is rightly one of the most expensive things the real transfer market has to offer.

    This is how good Mbappé is in EA FC 24: The gold card has been incredibly expensive since the launch of EA FC 24 to this day and is still priced at around 1.8 million coins even 5 months after its release. His gold card is only topped by his numerous special cards, which are an indication of the Frenchman’s strong season. A TOTW, two POTM and a Team-of-the-Groupstage (TOTGS), which were not available for less than 3.5 million coins, confirm this. His TOTY card is permanently sold out at a price of 15 million coins, which clearly sets him apart from his opponents, at least in EA FC 24. He also has a Playstyle+, which has become even more important after the patch of another OP playstyle.

    2nd place: Vinícius Junior, 23 (Real Madrid) – LF, LM, ST, MS

  • Market value: €150 million
  • Rating: 8992
  • This is what makes the footballer Vini Jr. so valuable: Vini Jr. has undergone rapid development and has become the best winger in the world in the last two years. Following the departure of fellow striker Benzema, the Brazilian has found himself in the limelight a little more among opposing defenders, something he may need to get used to. A few injuries also slowed him down a bit. After all, he still has 8 goals in 14 games in the league this season. In the Champions League, however, Vini Jr. was more than convincing in his three appearances. 2 goals and 3 assists in just 3 games are an outstanding rate.

    After difficult early years at Real Madrid, he has almost quadrupled his market value in the last 3 years. His trophy collection ranges from Spanish championships and cup victories to the Champions League trophy.

    This is how good Vini Jr. is in EA FC 24: In EA FC 24, the gold card started with a market value of over a million coins. Even though the price has fallen considerably, his gold card ranks second (around 300,000 coins) among the most expensive gold cards in the game after Mbappé due to its still strong speed and dribbling stats. This is not least due to his playstyles, which make him even faster. In contrast to our first place winners, Vini Jr. was only given a Mini-TOTY and a Thunderstruck. These versions are priced well behind its competitors, which shouldn’t distract from the fact that the cards can be real game changers in the game.

    3rd place: Bukayo Saka, 22 (Arsenal FC) – RF, RM

  • Market value: €120 million
  • Rating: 8691
  • This is what makes the footballer Saka so valuable: Another shooting star from England. Saka seamlessly continued the strong performances of his previous season. 16 goals in 22 games in the Premier League are impressive. He was also directly involved in 7 goals in the Champions League. Saka’s greatest asset in his young career is probably his fitness. In the 22/23 season he played in all 38 league games. He only missed one game this year and is an integral part of the Arsenal team.

    In the last two years, the winger has doubled his market value. Should he win the championship this year or even win the European Championship in 2024, it won’t be long before he catches up with the four players in front of him.

    This is how good Saka is in EA FC 24: Like his national team colleague Bellingham, Saka “only” had an overall rating of 86 at the start of EA FC 24. A TOTW as well as a Road to the Knockouts card (RTTK) and a TOTGS card have already polished up his rating somewhat. In EA FC 24, the English winger still has to wait for a card that is appropriate for his real market value. The most expensive version costs just over 800,000 coins and is therefore far behind the cards of its competitors. Unfortunately, none of Saka’s cards have a second Playstyle+ yet.

    An expert has ranked all game styles for EA FC 24. You can watch the result here: Professional ranks all playstyles, placing great emphasis on defense

    Can the cards keep up with the real market values ​​of the stars?

    Yes, the best versions of the most valuable players are not only the best in reality, but are also among the best and most expensive cards in Ultimate Team. Only Saka cannot keep up with the prices of its competitors. Maybe a really strong card awaits him in the next events. He definitely deserved it.

    What is striking, although not surprising, is that all of the players are players who can be found in the attacking third of the football field. You won’t find defenders or even goalkeepers among the most expensive football professionals. The most expensive defender follows in 28th place with Josko Gvardiol from Manchester City (market value: €80 million).

    A German, however, narrowly missed the list. Jamal Musiala from FC Bayern is in fourth place with a market value of €110 million. Florian Wirtz, another German player from Bayer Leverkusen, is just behind Musiala in the list of the most valuable players with a price of €100 million.

    And one more exciting fact at the end: If you believe the current reports from the transfer experts, Mbappé’s move from PSG to Real Madrid for the 2024/25 season could mean three of the most valuable players playing in one team: him, Bellingham and Vini Jr. This means that Real Madrid’s offensive would be worth over €500 million and in Ulimtate Team the Real attack could also claim several million coins.

    Messi has already reached his peak in real life. In EA FC 24, his TOTY is still one of the most expensive cards in the game. Some players simply received it as a gift.