E-Distribuzione launches the EDGE project: users become suppliers of the smart grid

E Distribuzione launches the EDGE project users become suppliers of the

(Finance) – E-Distribution starts in Italy the EDGE pilot project (Energy from Distributed Resources for the Management of the E-Distribution Network)already approved byRegulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA), and becomes one of the first distributors in Europe and Italy to inaugurate the local flexibility services market, allowing users to contribute to the efficient, reliable and safe operation of the distribution network and the optimal planning of its development. As part of the project, E-Distribuzione, through public tenders and for the needs of the year 2024, will be able to acquire from users with adequate technical requirements the so-called local flexibility services.

These services will be provided by different categories of users who, thanks to a remuneration, will modulate their energy behavior by varying the electrical power consumed or produced for a certain period of time in response to specific requests from the electricity system. In this way, users will contribute to improving the resilience of distribution infrastructures and resolving any network congestion.

The tenders announced by E-Distribuzione they will be aimed at multiple types of users: both consumers and producers of energy, as well as industrial, commercial and domestic customers, as well as electric vehicle charging networks and storage systems capable, individually or in aggregate form, of varying their electrical behavior according to the minimum requirements required.

THE flexibility services they will ensure multiple advantages: they will first of all make customers protagonists, guaranteeing the possibility of having an economic return due to their ability to modulate consumption and production; secondly, they will contribute to efficient network management, supporting production from renewable sources and new methods of production and consumption, such as Energy Communities.

E-Distribuzione will acquire these services through market procedures. The first tenders for the supply of flexibility services will be announced in the provinces of Benevento, Cuneo, Foggia and Venice. Interested users who possess the appropriate technical requirements will be able to register and apply to participate individually or in aggregate form through the Piclo Flex platform, selected by E-Distribuzione for the management of the tender procedures.