Dune 2 Maker Cut 2 Stars Completely From Sci-Fi Epic, But There’s Still Hope For Dune 3

Dune 2 Maker Cut 2 Stars Completely From Sci Fi Epic

Dune: Part Two has an impressive running time of 2 hours and 46 minutes. Nonetheless, director Denis Villeneuve had to make painful cuts in the sci-fi sequel. So Two characters didn’t make it into the final version of Dune 2but there is still a small hope of seeing each other again.

Tim Blake Nelson & Stephen McKinley Henderson: Two stars were radically removed from Dune 2

Dune 2 director Denis Villeneuve recently made it clear that he doesn’t have director’s cuts, extended editions and the like. The ones from him Deleted scenes will never see the light of day. And because two cast stars didn’t make it into the theatrical cut of the sequel, we can say goodbye to any hopes of seeing them again in any additional Dune 2 footage released.

While the role of Tim Blake Nelson (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) in Dune 2 is still unknown to this day, the omission of
Stephen McKinley Henderson (Fences) Villeneuve especially, as the Atreides helper and Mentat Thufir Hawat was an integral part of the ensemble in Part 1.


Dune: Thufir Hawat (Stephen McKinley Henderson) missing from part 2

Villeneuve admitted to Entertainment Weekly:

One of the most painful decisions for me that was [Auslassung] by Thufir Hawat. He is a character that I absolutely love. But I’ll start right away decided that I wanted a Bene Gesserit adaptation [von Dune] would rotate. This means the Mentats are not as present as they should be. But that is the nature of this implementation.

In the sci-fi universe of Dune, Mentats are something like human computers. Because “thinking machines” were banned after a major war, the thinking skills of these human geniuses are essential to those in power. But the female order of the Bene Gesserit also has an enormous talent for calculation and foresight. In the end, will it be precisely this foresight that gives us a meeting with the two stars who have passed away?

In Dune 3 instead of Dune 2? So we could still see the two deleted stars in the sci-fi series

The announcement of Dune 3 as Denis Villeneuve’s last Dune film, we can expect it at any moment given the current box office success of Dune 2. With the conclusion of the trilogy about Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), the two missing stars also have the chance to return. Because: Thufir Hawat As things stand, it has simply disappeared.

In the original book, however, he lived as a prisoner of the Harkonnen. Given his meticulous approach to the adaptation, it is unlikely that Villeneuve would simply ignore it. Of course, he could easily explain Thufir’s death by the Harkonnen attack on Arrakis. But the fact that Part 2 makes no mention of his potential demise keeps Stephen McKinley Henderson’s back door to Part 3 open. After Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin) and before the (spoilery) “old newcomer” Hayt, the next sequel could bring us back another character who was believed to be dead, Thufir.


Tim Blake Nelson in Lincoln

Tim Blake Nelson remains silent about his role, even if he tells Movieweb “Heartbroken but without resentful feelings” showed because he loved his scene (singular!). Of course, there are several theories that could give him a foot in the door for Dune 3:

  • Screen Rant speculates that Tim Blake Nelson Count Hasimir Fenring would have played, i.e. a confidante and advisor to the Emperor (Christopher Walken) and the husband of Lady Margot Fenring (Léa Seydoux). As such, a later appearance would be possible, especially since Seydoux emphasized that she wanted to find out more about her mysterious character in part 3.

  • Another possibility on Reddit explains that Tim Blake Nelson would have played a character in Dune 2 that actually only appears in the second book, Dune Messiah: One Navigator of the Spacemen’s Guild, who controls the large spaceships through interstellar space like a fish in a tank. Such a character will most likely play an important role in Villeneuve’s third film in the form of conspirator Edric. Maybe the actor will come to the Dune universe after all?
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