DualSense will improve with the new PlayStation 5 update

DualSense will improve with the new PlayStation 5 update

The new product is currently actively being tested in beta testing. PlayStation 5 with the update DualSense controllers will develop.

soon every PlayStation 5 With this update it will be opened in the owner DualSense And DualSense Edge The volume of the controllers will be increased both in terms of the internal speaker and the microphone quality will be significantly improved by taking power from artificial intelligence. here especially focus will be on eliminating background noiseWith the new release, if you use the screen sharing feature, your friends will be able to use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with your game. Additionally, with this version, the brightness of the power indicator on PS5 can be controlled. Here, people will be offered three different options: low, medium and high. Nowadays Playstation When this is mentioned, a new portable version that emerged as a claim recently comes to mind. The model on sale for those who missed it Playstation portal It was a portable gaming device that was not what many people imagined. New claims here It brings to the agenda that a new device with an expected independent structure may be on the way. It is said that this portable gaming machine, which is said to be based on AMD APU, will play games built-in and support PS4 games as well as PS5. Apart from these, the product, for which there are no other details for now, is already arousing great curiosity and of course it is not certain, but it is most likely being developed with a 2025 release target.

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PlayStation Portal kaçıranlar için ilk aşamada akla geldiği gibi bulut oyunculuğu merkeze almıyor. Bu taşınabilir oyun cihazını alanların mutlaka bir PlayStation 5‘e sahip olması gerekiyor, oyunlar bu cihaza WiFi kullanılarak PS5 üzerinden aktarılıyor. Yani cihazın merkezinde “Remote Play / Uzaktan Oynama” altyapısı bulunuyor, bu özelliği Sony kendisi şöyle açıklıyor: “Uzaktan Oynama ile PlayStation konsolunuzu yüksek hızlı internet bağlantısı olan her yerden uzaktan kontrol edebilirsiniz. Örneğin hareket halindeyken PS5 ve PS4 oyunlarının keyfini çıkarmak için başka odadaki bir bilgisayarı veya bir akıllı telefonu kullanabilirsiniz.”