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Dual Screen Laptop from Lenovo Cepholic

Lenovo, one of the world’s biggest technology brands, has launched the Yoga Book 9i, the world’s first dual OLED screen computer. CES 2023 introduced at events.

Today, with the development of technology, both foldable screens and dual screens have become more and more common. Many smartphone brands have now offered smartphones with foldable screens for sale. Behind these developments, laptop computers got their share from these developments.

Yoga Book 9i, which can be called a laptop when viewed from one side and a tablet when viewed from the other, draws attention with its quite different and extraordinary design. When you position the keyboard in a different way, the two screens overlap, offering the opportunity to work in a wider area.

of the world first dual OLED screen laptop Described as the new Yoga Book 9i, it can be quite remarkable for users who need two screens. The device, which looks like a classic laptop from the outside, offers many options to its user when opened.

2 13-inch screens with the striking model 13th Gen Intel Core i7-U15 has a processor. However, this model, which supports Intel Iris Xe graphics technology, It has 16GB of RAM. There are also options with 512 GB and 1 TB storage areas.

lenovo dual screen laptop

This new model of Lenovo’s dual-screen model may lead other technology companies in the coming days. We expect to see many more dual-screen laptops in the coming periods.

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