Drunken man made his way to Miss Snusk

Noisy ahead of Melodifestivalen’s second competition.
During the genre rep last Friday, a drunken man got into the green room and managed to get to Ms. Snusk, writes Aftonbladet.
– SVT has been self-critical and took what happened very seriously, says a source to the newspaper.

It’s time for competition two in this year’s edition of Melodifestivalen. Engmans Kapell, Maria Sur, C-Joe, Dear Sara, Fröken Snusk and Liamoo compete in Gothenburg on Saturday evening.

But there have been messy scenes ahead.

During Friday, a drunken man made his way into the greenroom and managed to get to the artist Ms. Snusk, where he wanted to talk and take pictures, writes Aftonbladet. This despite the fact that SVT has tightened security around the competition due to the security situation.

– There was a person who wasn’t supposed to be there who still came in. Miss Snusk’s team were very upset afterwards, and I understand that. Even SVT has been self-critical, I know, and took what happened very seriously. That shouldn’t be able to happen, says a source to the newspaper.

Investigation of the incident is ongoing

Aftonbladet writes that Ms. Snusk’s team was upset and demanded a crisis meeting with SVT after the incident.

– There was an incident that we raised with SVT and which is currently being investigated. We will return. Fröken wants to focus on the competition and we all respect that, says Jessica W Sandberg, Fröken Snusk’s press contact, to the newspaper.

According to Melodifestivalen’s project manager Anders Wistbacka, they are investigating the incident, but do not want to say that they have done anything wrong.

– A person was in the greenroom who was not supposed to be there, but there has been no breach in security, he tells Aftonbladet.