Drownings 2021, launch of the campaign for better prevention

Drownings 2021 launch of the campaign for better prevention

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  • Posted on 06/15/2021

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    Like every three years, Public Health France launches its NOYADES survey in order to take stock of the situation in France and provide information on the correct behavior to be followed during bathing times.

    From June 1 to September 30, 2021, a drowning survey is being carried out to identify all drownings, whether accidental, suicidal, criminal or undetermined. Carried out by Public Health France, with the support of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health (Directorate General for Health), the Ministry of the Interior (Directorate General for Civil Security and Crisis Management), the Ministry of Ecological transition (Department of habitat, town planning and landscapes) and the Ministry in charge of Sports (Department of sports), this survey today reveals the first figures for the period from June 1 to 13.

    128 accidental drownings under investigation, of which 41 deaths (32%) have been recorded for the moment, will follow four epidemiological points which will be published throughout the summer (mid-July, late July, mid-August and early September). The opportunity for Public Health France to remind people of the right reflexes to bathe in complete safety.

    Each year, around 1,000 drowning deaths are declared, of which about half between June and September. These drownings concern all age groups, children as well as adults.

    A health context that calls for increased vigilance

    The French health situation did not allow many children to learn to swim, swimming clubs and centers being closed. In addition, Public Health France is worried: “The current deconfinement can lead to an increased risk of drowning: relaxation of prevention and increase in risky behavior (overestimation of physical capacity, underestimation of environmental risks, alcohol consumption before swimming)”. Also, the health authority insists on the need not to relax your vigilance during bathing times and sends the French some good behavior to follow.

    Prevention of drowning in children

    Public Health France insists on the need to designate an adult responsible for monitoring the bathing child. Only one adult per child must be designated and he must take responsibility for the time allotted to him. It is perhaps then the occasion to designate the MAN, the anti-drowning master, an initiative which is similar to the SAM. This adult should stay close to the child when he is playing at the water’s edge and bathe with him when he is in the water.

    Public Health France also insists on the need to be particularly vigilant when swimming in “above-ground” swimming pools (not buried) which do not have a safety device.

    Prevention of drowning in adults

    Adults are not exempt from drowning-related accidents, so Public Health France reminds us that it is never too late to learn to swim.

    For adults who are comfortable with swimming, the health authority reminds you that it is necessary to be informed about the weather conditions and, in general, to respect the safety instructions, the swimming bans and choose the swimming areas. supervised bathing indicated by bathing flags, where the intervention of rescue teams is faster.

    Before getting in the water, you must also take care of your general state of shape and that you should not swim if you feel a physical disorder (fatigue, health problems, chills) and not overestimate your swimming level.

    It is also useful to warn a loved one before swimming, but also to enter the water gradually, “especially after long exposure to the sun”To prevent the risk of hydrocution.

    Public Health France also warns that alcohol consumption should be avoided before swimming.