Drove in the wrong direction – several seriously injured

Drove in the wrong direction several seriously injured

Updated 21.23 | Published 21.09




full screen The man drove in the wrong direction on the highway for an unknown reason. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Four people have been seriously injured in a traffic accident on the E6 near Falkenberg, according to the police.

The accident happened just before 7pm on Saturday when a man was driving his car in the opposite direction on the motorway.

– A passenger car comes down the wrong side of the E6 for an unknown reason. He drives south in the northbound lane and collides head-on with a car driving in the right direction, says Johan Ljung, officer on duty at the police.

The four people have been taken to hospital.

– Three people are seriously injured, one is less seriously injured, says Ljung.

The crime classification is currently gross negligence in traffic.

– Then, depending on the outcome, it could be some form of aggravated assault leading to the death of another person, alternatively aggravated assault leading to bodily harm, says Ljung.

The road was closed in both directions following the accident, but at 8.30pm it reopened in the southbound direction.