Drivers who are undisciplined but indulgent in their behaviour

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(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Motorists Italians have one perception of one’s own behaviors decidedly indulgent and the finger always pointed at others, so much so that i hazards that cause accidents or potentially risky situations arise attributed to the conduct of others. It is the photograph taken from the research on the driving styles of Italians, commissioned by Anas (FS Italiane Group) and conducted by CSA Research on a sample of over 3,000 people and with around 5,000 direct observations on the road.

The research was presented today in the context of the conference “Road safety: zero victims goal” organized on the occasion of the world day in remembrance of road victims.

Looking at the research results in detail, it emerges that in compliance with the rules of the highway code, on a scale of 1 to 10, the self-judgment fluctuates between a score between between 8 and 8.8 the one on others between 5 and 5.9. This form of perceptual distortion, known as self-serving bias, is accentuated in the context of driving.

The car has always represented a strong identity object in Italian culture and is seen not only as a means of transport, but also as an expression of one’s personality, a second home where one wants to be comfortable and reflect one’s style. People invest time and intelligence in driving, dealing with a context which, however, especially in metropolitan or busy centres, can also be very stressful.

As for compliance with the rules, the black shirt to the missed use of arrows (about 54% of drivers when changing courses after overtaking, for 35% when entering the road from the access ramp and for 19.5% when exiting the motorway). Bad behavior too in the use of child seats and other safety devices for children (41.7% do not use them in the front and 48.4% do not use them in the back). And then again, 10.3% of drivers misuse the phone cell phone and 11.4% do not wear the security belt. Furthermore, 9.6% exceed the speed limits and 77.7% do not respect the safety distance.

“We have clear indications from the Parent Company FS: the goal is the challenging goal of reducing the victims of road accidents by 50% by 2030 to align Italy with the performance of the most advanced European countries”, says the CEO of Anas Aldo Isiadding “the objective is also contained in the strategic action plan on road safety of the European Commission and is an important stimulus to do even better to increase safety, focusing on technological innovation”.