Dreame Z10 Pro: the robot vacuum that allows you to dream

Dreame Z10 Pro the robot vacuum that allows you to

Futura was able to test the Dreame Z10 Pro, a robot vacuum that bears its name “Pro”. In practice, the device turns out to be an accurate cartographer associated with a powerful autonomous washing vacuum cleaner. As a bonus, it is autonomous with its automated emptying system.

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Robot vacuum cleaners with their round shape and their small turret equipped with sensors laser are increasingly associated with a suction base. Very practical, it makes them even more autonomous and makes it possible to avoid propelling the dust onto the very clean floor when you remove the drain cartridge.

The Dreame Z10 Pro takes the aesthetic recipes that work with all robot vacuums and it also has this clever suction charging base. It is practical, but it is not possible to place it under any piece of furniture because of its great height. Anyway, this will be the kind of constraint that we will encounter with any equivalent robot. a height which also means that the capacity of the bag (4 L.) that this base houses is substantial. In other words, here you are exempt from the tasks related to a vacuum cleaner for at least two months while the bag fills up. Astonishing fact: unlike most models, the Dreame Z10 Pro has a small sloping base on which it is wedged. This process is clever to ensure the function of emptying correctly and also to properly stall the robot so that it can recharge. On the cleaning side, since this is its role, in addition to having four power levels to vacuum dust, animal hair, carpets and all floor surfaces, the robot can also use a wet wipe. Thanks to the 150 ml reservoir, it is possible to rid the floor of lightly encrusted stains and dust.

A reception base with a 4 L bag.

The Dreame Z10 Pro has a drain base with a 4 L bag. Sufficient capacity to only have to replace the bag every 65 days. © Futura

It is possible to control the robot in two different ways. First with the robot itself has two keys. One to start cleaning or pause it, the other to get it back to its base. But it is at the level ofapplication that we find the true advanced control center. It displays the different maps of the parts, the fine adjustment of cleaning and many other options. It is on this map that we can see the vacuum cleaner moving.

A very complete application

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The robot vacuum is good enough to map its environment to avoid forgetting certain areas. You can see the route of his route directly in the smartphone application. © Dreame

The robot is meticulous on its routes, it makes the contours, then realizes long lines for the interior of the room so as not to forget anything. He knows very well how to adapt to obstacles such as table legs and wraps around them. We can see that he is clever enough to get out of certain dead ends on his own. During our tests, he never missed a step, simply because he never got off, because he knows how to stop in time. It is also thanks to the application that one can define prohibited cleaning zones by placing virtual beacons on the established map.

It is of course possible to program the vacuum cleaner with routines and to trigger it manually remotely via the smartphone. It is also on this application that the messages are displayed in the event of problems. This is particularly the case when the vacuum cleaner gets caught in cables or shoe laces. Eh, yes like all robots, it is the kind of obstacle that remains difficult to avoid. When it comes to battery life, the device can last for several hours, but anyway when it runs out of steam, it returns to its base to recharge itself. The only small complaint that can be raised is that if you want to unplug your base, it will gradually discharge. Either way, the Dreame Z10 Pro is packed with talent, making it a great cleaning partner at a reasonable price.

Article produced in partnership with Dreame

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