Draw against Finland – Sweden ready for the final

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

On Sunday, the streak can be broken.

Blågult is ready for the World Cup final in Åby, a success that was secured via 2-2 against Finland.

“Now we’ve got one more match in our legs against them, so now we’ll load up for Sunday and take them,” says goalkeeper Henrik Kjellson in Bandypuls’ broadcast.

— It is important that we remain disciplined in our game, that we do not give them too much air, that we continue with what we have decided, and have patience.

Sweden got off to a dream start with Martin Karlsson’s 1-0 goal in the third minute, but Finland both equalized and took the lead – both times through Jimi Heinonen on penalties – before Martin Johansson made it 2-2 from a corner.

The one point means that Finland and Sweden have secured the two main table positions of the preliminary round – which means that they will be pitted against each other in the WC final on Sunday.

Before that, on Saturday, Kazakhstan is waiting for Blågult.