Dramatic scenes unfold when Pelle Lilja wins Robinson 2023

A resounding season by Robinson has come to an end.

This year’s season has engaged the viewers to the max and there have been large portions of drama, fights, laughter, blood, sweat and tears.

Pelle Lilja stepped into Robinson for the first time in 2022 when he got a rather special start.

Pelle Lilja with the gang in 2022. Image source: TV4

On a note, the gang was tasked with starting the season’s first thinning which would end with two participants being forced to go home. Those who simply didn’t get a team to join.

It all ended with Pelle Lilja volunteering to sacrifice himself as he didn’t think it would be fair to vote anyone out. He would thus be sent home together with Britten Nordström who was voted out of his group.

But then came the twist…

Pelle and Britten instead became team leaders for teams north and south. And it ended with two other participants, the ones standing last, having to leave.

Robinson 2022. Image source: TV4

After a few weeks on the island, Pelle learned that his father-in-law had become very ill and chose to leave the competition.

But in 2023 he stepped in again and started in Gränslandet, which he then broke away from straight into the competition.

And this time he had his sights set on one thing – to win.

On Thursday, the finals took place and the three who were to fight were Pelle, Emilio Mio Vega and Emilia Persson. As usual, there were a series of different obstacles and puzzles the gang had to get through in order to light the Robinson torch and win the baluns.

The race throughout was very even. But finally the finalists came to the fire where Pelle excelled.

Here Pelle Lilja Robinson wins 2023. Image source: TV4

He catches fire on the torch, which he goes to light and then roars:

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time”.

But suddenly something happens.

Pelle collapses and lies down in the sand. Petra “Pam” Malm who is the presenter runs forward together with Emilio and Emilia.

Pelle Lilja during the final. Image source: TV4

He then wakes up after receiving help and Petra then says:

“Pelle you’ve won Robinson”

“YES”, he then replies.

It is not quite common for participants to be forced to seek medical help after hard competitions as they are both dehydrated and starving at the same time as it is constantly scorching hot.

Pelle then gets to celebrate with the other participants.

Pelle Lilja is celebrated. Image source: TV4

What Pelle will do with the money he won Robinson 2023. You can read that here.