Dramatic day on Wall Street over recession fears

Dramatic day on Wall Street over recession fears

(Finance) – Sales rain on the US price listwhich trades with a heavy decline of 1.88% on Dow Jones, continuing the series of four consecutive declines, which began last Tuesday; along the same lines, sales on theS & P-500, which continues the day at 3,682 points, down sharply by 2.02%. The bad Nasdaq 100 (-1.82%); on the same trend, theS&P 100 (-2%). Central bank stocks triggered new losses for risk assets globally, with investors increasingly worried about the prospects of recession.

The only positive note of the day comes from the macroeconomic data, with the PMI indices for the month of September which are results higher than expected of analysts. US private sector companies experienced a more contained decline in output in September, with contractions in activity in the manufacturing and services sectors easing, according to analysis by S&P Global.

Negative result on Wall Street for all sectors of the S&P 500. Among the worst on the list of the S&P 500 basket, the sectors are the most in decline power (-6.61%), materials (-2.74%) e secondary consumer goods (-2.51%).

Bad day for all the Dow Jones Blue Chips, which show a negative performance.

The strongest sales show up on Chevronwhich continues trading at -5.95%.

Goes down Boeingwith a drop of 5.75%.

Collapses Caterpillarwith a decline of 4.37%.

Sales hands on Goldman Sachswhich suffers a decrease of 4.01%.

Between protagonists of the Nasdaq 100, Dollar Tree (+ 1.05%), Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (+ 0.93%) e Idexx Laboratories (+ 0.51%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, show up on Pinduoduo Inc Spon Each Repwhich continues trading at -5.17%.

Bad performance for Lululemon Athleticawhich recorded a decline of 4.42%.

Black session for Tesla Motorswhich leaves a 4.29% loss on the table.

At a loss Docusignwhich falls by 4.06%.