Doxee, update on treasury shares

Doxee update on treasury shares

(Finance) – Doxee announced that, in relation to the treasury share purchase program launched on 16 May 2022 in execution of the resolution of the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of 28 April 2022, purchasedbetween 13 and 16 September 2022, overall 1,250 treasury sharesequal to 0.016% of the share capital at an average price of € 9.796 per share, for a countervalue total equal to 12,245.00 euros.

Following these transactions, Doxee holds, as of September 16, a total of 101,750 treasury shares, equal to 1.276% of the share capital.

Meanwhile, in Piazza Affari, Doxee it recorded a decrease of 1.21% and stood at 9.8 euros.