Don’t throw away baby’s first clothes, turn them into a nice souvenir

Dont throw away babys first clothes turn them into a

We all get nostalgic when we come across baby’s first clothes. Maéva, mother of a three-year-old girl, collects them to create beautiful memories, which your child can use again, in a different way.

Since the birth of my son, I have been sorting through his clothes, as he grows so quickly. But the first sets and bodysuits, I have a little trouble parting with them“, confides Léonie, mother of little Arthur, aged two. Most young parents are also very nostalgic when they come across baby’s first clothes. “We say to ourselves that it was so small to fit inside and at the same time too cute, it brings back memories, and certain models are particularly sentimental: either because baby wore it to a specific event, or because we had chosen it for him with love“. Other parents carefully keep baby’s first things, in case there is a little brother or sister. Finally, there is also the option of resale… Or that of Maeva, a young mother who suggests transforming them into magnificent souvenirs, which baby can use as he grows up.

This young entrepreneur, who lives in the south of Limoges, created “Petit Chêne”, clothes initially intended for her daughter who was exceeding the growth curves. “What I was looking for: adaptability, durability, comfort, respect for the planet and style“, she explains on social networks. In 2023, Maéva is launching a new addition to these evolving clothes: she is offering souvenir cuddly toys, and even blankets, based on bodysuits, cuddly toys and any other baby clothing, dear to the hearts of mothers. Her creations are handmade, in an artisanal way, in Haute-Vienne (87), and with a lot of love!

Maéva transforms baby clothes into cuddly toys © Petit Chêne

How it works ? Every 1st of the month, a sale is organized at 8 p.m. Visit its website, in the “Souvenir creation” section. Once the purchase has been made, an information sheet must be completed with your contact details, delivery address and shipping of your clothes, as well as your customization request. As soon as the baby clothes are received at the workshop, allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the production time (6 weeks maximum).

What is the price of a souvenir cuddly toy? These “little works of art full of emotion” are supplied with a personalized wooden bow in your child’s name, a storage bag and their adoption certificate, for a price of 60 euros.