Don’t Miss the Free Game

Dont Miss the Free Game

GOG offers the adventure and hack-and-slash game called Book of Demons for free. The game offers strategic card usage and endless replayability.

GOG store, Book of Demons offers the game called free of charge. This promotion is valid for a limited time, which players can enjoy until Monday. Normally sold on PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam with a price tag of $ 20, this adventure and hack-and-slash mix game is currently GOG It can be downloaded for free by anyone with an account. To add the game to your library, simply log in to the GOG platform and click the “Add to Library” button.

GOG Offers Book of Demons Game for Free

In addition to characters equipped with traditional fantasy weapons, Book of Demons stands out for its ability to use different cards that allow players to cast various spells. Although the game is not a direct card game, it has a structure that emphasizes that choosing the right cards is important to win. The official description of the game states, “This is not a card game, but items, spells, and skills are all expressed as cards,” and states that the strategy is to adjust your hand according to the conditions.

Book of Demons offers players procedurally generated dungeons and a roguelike mode that offer players nearly endless replayability. Book of Demons allows you to play as long as you want, using the Flexiscope engine.