Don’t do this at home: 4 stupid beauty trends that come to us from the networks

Dont do this at home 4 stupid beauty trends that

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    Are you on the lookout for beauty trends on social media? Be careful, certain techniques presented as “revolutionary” are in reality to be banned from your routine. Discover four trends you should definitely not follow.

    Every day, beauty trends continue to evolve, especially on the accessible and easy-to-use TikTok platform. Moreover, it is this accessibility which sometimes gives importance to useless or even dangerous techniques. Some of them would be better off never seeing the light of day. To help you see things more clearly, here are four beauty trends that we can see on the Chinese social network and which, however, should definitely not be reproduced.

    1) Use antiperspirant on the face

    To prevent excess sweating on the face, applying antiperspirant seems to be an ingenious idea for some people. However, it is important to remember that the face is a particularly sensitive area and that deodorants are not suitable for this part of the body! The risks ? Clogged pores, skin that no longer breathes, which can also lead to an acne breakout.

    The alternative to adopt: instead, apply antiperspirant creams or sprays dedicated only to facial sweating. In case of excessive sweating, consult a dermatologist who will be able to advise you.

    2) Eliminate your blackheads with glue

    To cause a sensation on social networks, some people will do anything, including applying glue to their noses in order to remove their blackheads. No matter how effective it is, one thing is certain: it is absolutely not recommended to inflict this on your skin. Dermatologists consider this idea “crazy” because it can cause irritation, dryness and skin rashes.

    The alternative to adopt: use suitable serums or cleansers at least once a week to remove dead cells that cause blackheads. Preferably opt for those composed of fruit acids (AHA) or salicylic acid, which will have a more effective action.

    3) Neglecting sunscreen in the morning

    It’s no longer a secret that the sun’s rays are harmful to the skin and can cause burns and, in the worst cases, skin cancer. However, on TikTok, some content creators advise against the use of sunscreen, arguing that it prevents the absorption of vitamin D and also causes cancer.

    Beware of these unfounded and very dangerous claims! On the Health Insurance website, we can read that “more than 80% of skin cancers are photo-induced, that is to say favored by solar and UV exposure”. The health system also indicates that “Exposure of the arms and face alone, for only 5 to 10 minutes per day, is enough to benefit from the benefits of the sun and avoid vitamin D deficiency”.

    The alternative to adopt: Do not neglect sun protection, both on your body and your face. Take care to apply a sunscreen with a high protection factor and adapted to your phototype. Furthermore, it is imperative to reapply the cream every two hours.

    4) Trim your lower lashes

    To adopt the “cat eye” trend and enjoy an enlarged look, some people are not afraid to cut their lower eyelashes. However, it is necessary to remember that, despite their unhelpful appearance, these eyelashes actually play a protective role against dust, impurities and sweat. They notably prevent these elements from entering your eyes!

    The alternative to adopt: It’s even more of a shame to cut your eyelashes when you know that there are makeup techniques that achieve the same result. For a stretched look and enlarged eyes, draw a line of eyeliner in the inner corner and apply white pencil to the lower mucosa. For those who are less fond of makeup, you can also opt for false eyelashes. Simply trim them short in the inner corner and longer in the outer corner. That’s it !