Don’t brush your teeth right after your coffee! Here’s how long to wait

Dont brush your teeth right after your coffee Heres how

Many people brush their teeth right after drinking their coffee. However, according to Vera Tang, a professor at the NYU College of Dentistry, this is a bad reflex that would alter the beauty of your smile.

Researchers from the psychological department of the University of Bern in Switzerland have proven thata simple smile can increase your degree of attraction. In short, a smile is an effective beauty asset if you want to appear more sympathetic. But it is still necessary to wear a beautiful dentition…

Difficult to display an ultra-bright smile when you regularly drink drinks that turn your teeth yellow. While it has been proven that coffee poses no great danger, there is a situation where this hot drink could harm our teeth, even to the point of making them yellow and dull: that of brushing your teeth right after drinking itreveals Vera Tang, assistant clinical professor of the NYU College of Dentistry to the magazine “Glamour“. We explain why.

Why shouldn’t you brush your teeth right after your coffee?

As we know, caffeine is a molecule that happens to be acidic for our teeth. But this does not cause significant damage since the saliva that is in our mouth constantly cleans our teeth when drinking coffee. However, the dentist reveals that brushing your teeth right after drinking it could ruin your smile.

Indeed, Vera Tang explains that by brushing your teeth, the natural saliva is not given time to get rid of the caffeine acid. This one, because of the toothbrushis then “pushed” into the pores of our teeth, which has harmful consequences on our teeth.

So, brushing your teeth immediately after drinking your coffee could amplify the yellowing of your teeth in the long term, which may seem inelegant when frequently applying lipstick, for example. But that’s not all, brushing could also have an abrasive effect on tooth enamel. You can then say goodbye to your smooth and perfectly straight teeth.

How long should you wait before brushing your teeth?

To avoid ending up with an unsightly smile, you should wait 30 minutes before cleaning your teeth according to Vera Tang. And for good reason, this corresponds to the time it takes for salivary proteins to break down the acidity of coffee. The expert also recommends Rinse mouth with water right after drinking his coffee. This small gesture will allow you to get rid of the bad breath caused by coffee.

If this advice is not practical when you lack time in the morning, it does not prevent thatit is important to respect it if you don’t want to end up with yellowed teeth. In addition, you can also wear a teeth worthy of a Hollywood star in replacing your coffee with a latte. According to the scientist, when you drink latte coffee, the risk of damaging your teeth is lower since milk reduces the acidity level of the drink. However, it is always recommended to wait 30 minutes to avoid any risk of dental yellowing. It’s up to you to come close to perfection with your smile worthy of the greatest American top models.