Donate your poo – hospitals offer compensation

Donate your poo hospitals offer compensation

The fact that you can treat diseases with poo is actually nothing new. As early as 2016, patients with the diarrheal disease Clostridioides difficile began to be treated with poop in order to restore the intestinal flora, reports The evening paper.

Now the laboratory in Halmstad is looking for more poop donors.

What happens to the poo?

Before, the medicine was given in liquid form, but now researchers have found a new way in the form of capsules.

– The new thing is the capsules. We would like to produce the poo preparation as capsules, because then it will be easier for the patient to be treated, then you can just swallow the bacterial flora and you don’t have to get a tube in the butt, says the senior doctor Arne Kötzto Aftonbladet.

If the donation is more than 50 grams of poo, then it is enough for 20 capsules that become a treatment.

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The poo is turned into capsules. Photo: FREDRIK SANDBERG / TT

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This is how much you earn as a donor

Aftonbladet reports that there are three laboratories in Sweden that work with the poop capsules. One of them is in Halmstad and they are now looking for poop donors.

To become a poop donor, you need to be between 18 and 50 years old, reports SVT News Halland. Registration is done on 1177’s website.

If you meet all the requirements, you can earn some extra cash. Anyone who wants to donate their poo receives similar compensation as a blood donor. So SEK 50 per donation.

– We would like to have people who come back or who are at least involved for a period of three weeks, because we have to examine the poop carefully, says Kötz to Aftonbladet.

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